Welcome to our website, Caring Foot and Ankle Specialists. We would like to give you some insight into our our office philosophy.

Dr. Steinhauser, Dr. Baharloo, and their staff believe that every patient is special. We have been seeing patients for over 20 years and have always put an emphasis on caring, not just for the human foot, but for the patient that it’s attached to. In today’s hustle & bustle world, most people do not take the time to smile and share. Our staff has been motivated with an emphasis not only on excellent skills, but also on going the “extra mile” to offer the finest Podiatric care for our patients and their families.

Unlike some health care providers in this “managed care” environment, where everyone is a number, we strive to treat each patient as an individual. We want to share not only our knowledge of the foot and ankle with you, but also a part of ourselves to foster a sense of community. Please feel free to use our website as source of information, so that you can be an informed and active participant in you and your family’s foot and ankle care. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions.

Our podiatry office is located in Houston, TX. We look forward to welcoming you to our office.

  • Emergencies are seen immediately. We are located 10 minutes from the Medical Center, with FREE PARKING.
  • Most insurances are accepted.
  • We utilize electronic medical records, digital xray’s and diagnostic ultrasound.