A chronic infection caused by various types of fungus, Athlete’s foot is often spread in places where people go barefoot such as public showers or swimming pools. It is important that you visit Caring Foot and Ankle Specialists to have this examined to decide what prescription medication would be best for you.

Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is an enlarged nerve that usually occurs in the third interspace, which is between and just before the third and fourth toes. The reason the nerve enlarges is not always so obvious. Flat feet can cause the nerve to be pulled toward the middle more than normal, which can cause irritation and possibly enlargement of the nerve.  If pain persists, however, surgery may be indicated. If you have continuous pain in the ball of your foot and find it difficult to wear your favorite shoes, visit Caring Foot and Ankle Specialists, to schedule an immediate appointment.

Sport’s Injuries

The most common injuries resulting from overuse are stress fracturesheel pain, Achilles tendinitis, ankle sprains, and Morton’s neuromas. While these conditions can be treated without casts or surgery, they do require close medical supervision. Very often, the treatment of sports injuries begin with an understanding of the underlying biomechanics that causes them. Caring Foot and Ankle Specialists will perform a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation to determine how to best control these biomechanical forces, to allow for a quick recovery and to prevent further injury.

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