Chronic wounds can be caused by a number of conditions including diabetes, circulatory problems, pressure ulcers, bone infection, gangrene, radiation burns, traumatic injuries and many other conditions. Caring Foot and Ankle Specialists is proud to provide advanced wound healing techniques with proven treatment protocols that meet patients’ specific wound care needs. The comfort and needs of his patients is always the primary focus of the clinic.

Available treatment options are tailored to the patients’ needs following a thorough evaluation and are as follows: Serial debridement in conjunction with advanced wound care products. Offloading techniques for diabetic foot ulcers such as total contact casts. Compression therapy for venous ulcers including application of triple layer compression wraps or Unna boots. Application of variety of engineered wound allograft. Utilizing Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) by application of a wound VAC (Vacuum Assisted Closure) devices. Performing plastic surgery techniques and skin flaps. Surgical management of all lower extremity ulcerations

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Caring Foot and Ankle Specialists Dr. Baharloo and Dr. Steinhauser both are board certified in reconstructive foot, rear foot, and ankle surgery and offer treatment of all foot and ankle problems. Contact us today for an immediate appointment.